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Bantry House and Gardens, located in Bantry, County Cork, Ireland, is a historic estate with a rich cultural and architectural heritage. Bantry House is surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens and expansive grounds, offering breathtaking views of Bantry Bay and the surrounding countryside. The gardens boast a diverse collection of plants, including rare species, exotic trees, and vibrant flowers, making it a paradise for nature lovers and gardening enthusiasts alike.


The Bamboo Park is a very unusual and wonderful place to visit. It is just a short drive from The Maritime Hotel, located in Glengarriff. The little romantic pathways take you past mini-bamboo plantations to exotic gardens. The pathways wind their way down from the entrance at the main road right down to the shoreline where there are many beautiful spots to stop and admire the view of Glengarriff Harbour. For more information visit



This garden is one of the most interactive and stimulating in Ireland. Using all sorts of interesting materials, from mosaics to steel and copper to glass, they have created a list of interesting things with a surprise in every corner and crevice. There is also a section where children can participate in interactive art by using an array of natural materials to compile interesting features of their own. For more information visit



The Glengarriff Woods are one of the finest sessile oak woods in Ireland. There are several walks within the Glengarriff nature reserve and all are clearly marked out along well-maintained paths. These include The Riverside Walk, The Big Meadow Walk and The Waterfall Walk. For more information visit



Gougane Barra is such a spiritual and picturesque place that it should be visited in all seasons to appreciate it in all its grandeur. The mountain lake is equally as interesting on a summer’s day when the water sparkles as when the entire lake is shrouded in mist. The Gougane Barra Forest Park will suit all capabilities with several well marked hiking trails as well as a drive-through loop. For more information visit



Located in Kealkill, this is the most fun you will have at a garden centre. It’s full of trees, shrubs, streams, bridges and labyrinths of pathways leading through all the trees and plants. Also onsite is a craft shop selling an assortment of arts and handcrafts. For more information visit




The Gardens are composed of different areas; each being highly defined and having its own special function and appeal. The garden is set on 5 acres and sweeps down to the sea. With a fish pond, herb garden, wooden bridge, meadow and an amphitheatre, there is no shortage of things to see. Located in Baltimore. For more information visit their Facebook

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