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The Quay, Bantry, Co.Cork, Ireland, P75 XW35
Tel: +353 (0)27 54700
Reservations: LoCall 1890 300 107

From gin and vodka, to brandy and beer, the variety and quality of products crafted in this small region is remarkable.
The Maritime Bar is going to shine the spotlight on our local suppliers, showcasing the best that the South-West has to offer. We’re going to look at their history and back story, discover how they are made and the time, patience and expertise that goes into crafting these exceptional products.

This year we are marrying our Drink Specials board to our local suppliers, so every month you can indulge yourself in a cocktail inspired by the drinks on offer, sample our special signature serves, and further explore the product with tasting flights and food pairing suggestions.

Join us monthly, in the Maritime Bar, as we host our own tasting evenings, taking a more in-depth look at our highlighted breweries and distilleries. As we compare and contrast the products on offer, you’ll discover what makes these producers tick, and makes the craft industry in Ireland one of the best in the world.

Keep an eye on the website and our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates as we embark on this journey, celebrating our 10th Anniversary and the local spirit and commitment to excellence that makes us proud to call West Cork our home.

Killarney Brewing Company

This time we move a little bit outside of the West Cork region and across the Cork-Kerry border to look at Killarney Brewing Company.

As part of the Gleneagle group, the Maritime Hotel has close ties to Killarney already, and when we got samples from a brewery literally a 5 minute walk from the Gleneagle and the Brehon, we saw an opportunity to work with an exciting new brewery, producing some quality beer.

Located in the old Killarney Mineral Water building on Muckross road, newly refurbished and equipped with top of the line brewing equipment, Killarney Brewing Company is the perfect example of a new company doing the right things right. Founded in 2015, they established their market supplying their beer on draft to local pubs before expanding their offering nationwide with their 500ml bottle range.
Eschewing the multitude of Pale Ales and IPAs on the market, part of our initial attraction in the Maritime Bar to Killarney’s range was the variety on offer from the brewery. Their initial offering included an IPA, a blonde ale and a lager (and a soon to be released red ale) providing us with the breadth of selection that we were searching for.

In the hotel industry, with the wide-range of guests and the different palates that come through our doors, it can be a challenge to appeal to everyone with a new product. Killarney’s range appeals to everyone, from the casual beer drinker looking for something different to the food tourist looking to try out regional brews. Their beer is extremely approachable, but maintains a balance and sophistication that speaks volumes to the skill of the brewing team.
The Maritime Bar currently stocks Devil’s Helles Lager, Golden Spear Blonde Ale and Scarlet Pimpernel IPA in 500ml bottles and we also currently offer Devil’s Helles on draft as well. Later this month, Killarney Brewing Company is releasing a fourth bottle in their line, Rutting Red, which we hope to see in our fridges on release as well.

Devil’s Helles Lager

Craft Lager is an interesting thing. In market dominated by pale ales and IPAs, big flavours and hops, it can be difficult to find space for the light, refreshing style. Brewed in the Helles style, Killarney’s offering appeals to both the casual and the more experienced beer drinker. It is clean, crisp and refreshing with a delicate malty flavour and sweetness.

Its low bitterness and clean flavour makes it a perfect accompaniment to fish and white meat dishes, and we heartily recommend it with our Lager and Lime Battered Haddock in the bar.

Golden Spear Blonde Ale

During our initial sampling, one beer won over one of our barmen hands down. Aroma and flavour are two of the most powerful triggers of memory, and from the first sip he was brought back to a special dinner with friends almost ten years before. Sitting on a cobbled terrace in Maastricht, sipping a glass of Duvel and trying to figure out how to get a langoustine out of its shell. Golden Spear is the epitome of a classic European beer. Bright, citrusy, malty and grassy on the nose, the aromas continue into the first sip and big mouthfeel and crisp effervescence linger like a cherished memory. His words, not mine. (Well, technically mine).

Try Golden Spear with bigger flavours, our Mussels are a great choice here.

Scarlet Pimpernel IPA

The IPA is a mainstay of the craft industry, a big, bitter, fruity, syrupy style of beer. In this regard, Scarlet Pimpernel hits all the bases. Floral and citrusy on the nose, Scarlet Pimpernel is bitter on the first sip, bright and clean with plenty of hops, lemon and grapefruit. The beer stands out for its balance of flavours though, while many IPAs go for an overload of fruit and bitterness, Scarlet is restrained and coordinated. It is as easy to drink casually as it is satisfying to taste amongst others on a tasting table.

Looking for some food? This beer goes great alongside our Homemade Curry or Chicken Sizzler dishes.

West Cork Distillers

First up in the Maritime Bar, we are shining a light on one of the big West Cork success stories of recent years, West Cork Distillers.

Based out of Skibbereen, Co. Cork, are one of only three independent distilleries in Ireland and have achieved phenomenal success since they were founded in 2003 by three friends John O’Connell, Gerard and Dennis McCarthy.

The distillery has gone from strength to strength and they now market their products worldwide, with distribution across Europe, Australia, North America and Asia. To cope with growing demand they have recently moved into a new 70,000 sq. ft. facility in Skibbereen. The move created a huge jump in production capacity, moving away from the 10,000 sq. ft. West Cork Bottling facility that had been their home since 2013.

In 2011, the company released Drombeg, its first entry into the spirits market, after a three year development process. They followed later with Lough Hyne and Kennedy Irish Spirits, and Two Trees Vodka, Gin and Poitin, later introducing their line of Irish Whiskey.

We stock the full range of West Cork Whiskey in the Maritime Bar, the original Bourbon Cask, West Cork Whiskey Black Cask and 10 Year-Old Single Malt as well as their Limited Edition release 12-Year Old Single Malts, finished in Douro Port, Rum and Pedro Ximinez Sherry Casks

In March 2017, the Maritime Hotel is celebrating its 10th Anniversary and in keeping with the festivities, we find it fitting that we have a locally produced whiskey in stock distilled in the year we were opened.

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